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First Time Buyers

Mortgage Chain are proud to be mortgage brokers for first time buyers. We are Mortgage Brokers that are passionate about helping first time buyers. Our owner and founder, Alex Kerr, knows exactly how hard it is to obtain your first mortgage. It was his own confusing experienced which inspired Alex to specialise as a  mortgage broker for first time buyers with a laser like focus on making the process simple and stress free.

Mortgage Broking re-emagined!

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We are brilliant, in every way, just ask our clients!

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Are you Mortgage Ready ? Whether you are ready to apply now or need some guidance and advice to be “Mortgage Ready”, we are here to support you throughout your journey, irrelevant of which stage you are it right now. Call us now and book a free “Strategy Call” to determine if you are mortgage ready.

Using Mortgage Chain will be the best decision you’ll ever make.
Dedicated mortgage brokers for first time buyers and providing the best service to our clients, will have you recommending friends and colleagues.

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Mortgage Brokers for first time buyers

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