Professional Footballer Mortgages

Mortgages for Professional Footballers.

Mortgage Chain arrange mortgages for professional footballers. We secure finance for footballers that are employed by a football club on a short to medium term contract. Mortgage lenders will usually look for a history of employment from a Football Club (not necessarily the same Football club) but we can also secure finance for a client with a new contract and no previous history.

FIFA define a professional footballer as someone who has a contract with a club that pays them more than their expenses.

Do you need discretion from the outset?

Many of our high net worth clients are professional footballers and have sensitive situations that need confidentiality and discretion.

Mortgage Chain secure mortgage lending for professional footballers who may be in the public eye. We offer complete discretion and will visit you at home, can offer offices across hundreds of locations countrywide and have experience using the players agent to completion transactions.

How do lenders underwrite a mortgage for a football player?

Mortgage lenders accept income through payslips and/or a copy of the current contract. The lenders we work with include high street banks, private banks and broker only mortgage lenders that are familiar with UK professional football contracts.

If you have just turned professional then the length of the contract will be paramount to securing a mortgage whereas if you have been professional for at least one year then a shorter term contract for perhaps just a season will be sufficient.

One of the main considerations when assessing income will be the basic salary as this is the guaranteed part of your income but lenders will also use goal bonuses, clean sheet bonuses and appearance bonuses. Some lenders will take 100% of these bonuses depending on factors such as the regularity of the income and the reliance on them to fund your mortgage and your lifestyle.

Another key factor for a football player will  be the fact that the stated retirement age in a football league or premier league contract is 35 years old. Where a client is nearing that age a lender may look to see plans beyond playing professional football for a club, examples include working towards coaching badges, work in TV or media or sufficient pension income or other sources of income to meet the mortgage repayments.

Mortgage Chain are well versed in lenders criteria for football players and we know which lenders will lend depending on any given situation.

Discretion Assured.

As you would expect from a professional brokerage dealing with clients in the public eye, we assure discretion and are aware that Footballers or professional sports persons are in the public eye and therefore any transactions are handled sensitively and in complete confidence. Mortgage Chain are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and have a data protection license which essentially means we must keep all information between ourselves and you, the client. We will never disclose your details to third parties.

Next steps.

In the first instance we will need to discuss your options in a phone call and then arrange a meeting to discuss your mortgage requirements in more detail. We can place mortgages for footballers wishing to borrow £100,000 to in excess of £10 Million and at very competitive interest rates.

For discretion contact Mortgage Chain by emailing or call the London Office on 020 3701 9787.