Large Mortgage Loans

Large Mortgage Loans

Mortgage Chain Large Mortgage Loans advisors are experts in the Large Mortgage Loans field.

Our Advisors are helping high net worth individuals to arrange large mortgage loans. We approach specialist lenders and private banks who we have developed successful relationships with and that we know are looking to lend on a large scale.

We have placed many Million pound mortgages, taking into account lots of different income structures exploring different financing avenues.

We utilise different assets (pension, stock portfolio, overseas stock) and search the entire market in order to find banks and lenders with the best possible criteria.

1 Million+

Mortgage Chain is a specialist in the large mortgage loans market and have excellent relationships with banks and lenders who require borrowings in excess of £1,000,000.

We can help with finance on residential, investment and commercial property.

We have plenty of clients based overseas as well as foreign nationals that wish to structure their finances through an offshore vehicle.

Mortgage Chain will offer a quality service, the highest level of discretion paired with an ability to work with complex  structures for mortgage of a million pounds+.

What ever your requirements and position, we can help.

Many high street banks have pulled out of lending to high net worth clients paid in a foreign currency. This is where Mortgage Chain can play a key part in successfully obtaining  lending that will not fit prime high Lenders. In this instance we can lean on private banks.

Private Banks.

Private Banks lend to High Net Worth individuals. There are a lot of private Banks across the UK and most will lend as long as you meet affordability and can place assets under their scope.

Private bank mortgages can be loaned in multi-currencies.

Broker Only lenders – As a result of MMR (Mortgage Market Review) many lenders now only offer their products though brokers only and rely on the professional broker to provide them with their business.

Offshore Mortgage Lenders –  These lenders can provide large loans whilst allowing a client to keep their banking offshore. Typically these lenders operate in Guernsey and Jersey.

If you would like to speak to an Advisor specialising in this area,  please call our London Branch:

t: 020 3701 9787.

Changes in the exchange rate may increase the sterling equivalent of your debt. The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some aspects of overseas mortgages.