Secured Loans

Secured Loans

Homeowner Loans from £5,000 to £250,000+

If you own your home (and have a mortgage) then you can consider using a homeowner loan to fund the project you have in mind, to make a significant purchase or to consolidate other debts to make the repayments more affordable.

Solution Loans works with the best and most trusted partner in the UK homeowner loan market. If you apply for a secured loan through us you’ll get the smoothest journey possible and avoid the pitfalls of borrowing from the wrong type of lender.

Finding the right loan for you

Our homeowner loan partner is one of the largest and the most respected brokers in the UK. So, using our enquiry form gets you access to one of the widest range of lenders and products available. Our partner will quickly assess your enquiry and contact you with a number of alternatives to make sure you get the one that fits your needs the best.

Why consider a Homeowner Loan ?

There are a number of reasons why a homeowner loan (sometimes called a secured loan) could be of interest to you:

Compared to remortgaging:

  • there are no-upfront fees when you apply (e.g. valuations)
  • it can be quicker to arrange
  • you won’t jeopardise your “unbeatable” mortgage rate
  • self-employment is more acceptable
  • any historical credit issues may not be so problematic

Compared to a personal loan:

  • you could borrow a much larger sum (subject to there being sufficient equity1 in your home)
  • interest rates are often lower because of the security the home offers the lender
  • you can choose a longer repayment period to help reduce your monthly payments

How a Homeowner Loan works

We have access to lenders who in principle are able to lend very large sums of money. But the amount you can actually borrow depends on a number of factors:

  • You must have a mortgage on your property
  • Your property must be worth more than the amount of your mortgage left to pay – i.e. you must have equity in your property.
  • The lender will set a maximum loan value as a proportion of the value of your property
  • You must be able to demonstrate that you can afford the repayments for the loan value you need
  • Your credit history will have an influence on the lending decision