Residential Buying Your Home

Buying Your Home

Choosing your new residence takes time and patience. Unlike banks and building societies, as a whole of market broker, we search the market on your behalf and make sure we find the most suitable mortgage to fit your requirements according to your circumstances.

Selling a property as well as buying can add extra pressure as everything has a time scale to work with. We will liaise with your solicitors, surveyors, and estate agents and make sure the process is managed on your behalf. When applying for a joint residential mortgage, it’s important to obtain a competitive interest rate and find a product that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Things To Consider

  • How much can we borrow ?
  • How much deposit do we have ?
  • How are we going to pay the loan back ?
  • Do we want the security of fixed monthly payments ?
  • Do we need flexibility ?
  • Can we keep our existing property and let it out ?
  • What happens if one of us takes time off work ?
  • How much will we need to pay in fees ?
  • Can the mortgage lender move quickly enough to secure the property ?
  • How do we protect our home and family ?

Mortgage Chain has access to 11,000 mortgages from 100+ lenders across the UK, whether that be High Street, broker only lenders, Private Banks, Offshore lenders, small building societies or specialist loan providers. We also have access to exclusive products that are not available on the open market. All of our advisers are here to help and will provide support. We will speak to all of the lenders so you don’t need to. Speak to a friendly, helpful  and approachable Mortgage Broker at Mortgage Chain now to start the process of your new purchase !

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