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Mortgage Introducer Programme For Estate Agents

Introducing Mortgage referrals to Mortgage Chain is simple.

We pay 40% gross Proc Fees, before deductions!

Standard Package (Introducer Pro) This is our standard Introducer membership in where you send us leads through this online portal, and we call your client to start our process. Your client has options to visit our offices, be seen face to face, over the phone, via email or Skype. We offer other membership options which include in-house advisor options and after a sustained period of success, a partnership membership. You can see these options in the tabs to the left.

Why do we pay so much ? It is simple, we pay you 40% in order to maintain you as an introducer, to make the effort from your side worth while and we understand you may also need to pay your own staff a %. If a relationship is established in where your firm deliver consistent mortgage referrals and our firm consistently signs up your referrals, then it is a profitable partnership for all parties. We would also like to grow with your business and working together can help us achieve this together.

What do we expect from you ? You must be a fully functioning Estate / Letting Agency or Property Investment Firm, with the correct structure in place, and with no reason for us not to transact business with you. We need you to sign up as an introducer in order for us to complete our due diligence and understand who you are. We want to ensure you are a functioning company that has the structure to provide good honest referrals.

How ? You can simply use the “Download Introducer Agreement” and “Register as an introducer” buttons below to send us your details.

Once we receive your registration we will start assessing your details and will come back to you. If successful we will provide you with the required links.

We would like to point out that our Introducer Service is for Estate & Letting Agents and Property Investment companies only and is completely geared up for providing these businesses the ultimate introducer programme, tailored around your busy Agency.

See the tabs to the left to understand the benefits of what we have to offer and the benefits you will receive. Once we have assessed your application and confirmed your eligibility, you can trial us by sending a lead using the “send lead” button above or below.

We pay excellent gross proc fees (before network introductions) on every mortgage introduced.

Introducer. (Sign up below)

  • Register as an Introducer by signing digitally by clicking register below, or above
  • Be issued with monthly statistics and a list of every lead you have submitted so you can keep track
  • Receive stage updates e.g. “Mortgage offer issued”, “Exchanged”, “Completed”, “Proc fee received”, “Payment issued to Introducer”
  • Book an Advisor to your office and much more
  • No tie ins.
  • Mentorship provided to new staff.
  • Use us as little or as often as you like.
  • Always receive the very best service.
  • Trial us with one case. You will not be disappointed. SEND TEST LEAD (One off 50% Proc Fee Payment)

Our most recent review from an Estate Agent Introducer of ours, on the Introducer Pro membership, Bernard Skinner. They have been using us for a year now. 28/06/2018

Amanda White just left a new 5-star review of Mortgage Chain Ltd:

We have been referring our buyers and sellers to Mortgage Chain for over a year now and have found Mortgage Chain very consistent in terms of their speed of response to the mortgage referrals sent through for advice to clients and overall very professional. We would have no hesitation in recommending Mortgage Chain for Estate Agents to introduce their mortgage clients for unbiased and experienced information and help throughout the mortgage process

A White – Bernard Skinner Estate Agents

Please Review us on Trust Pilot and check our Company profile

Lightning Contact to your Lead

On average we call your potential mortgage client within 10 minutes on receiving the lead, on all occasions.

We understand how important it is for a potential Mortgage client to be contacted in timely manor.

This is to avoid the client going elsewhere, and to maintain a high level of service for both client and introducer.

Every lead we receive not only comes through via email, but also by text, meaning if an Advisor is on the road, they can call the client using a click to dial text link and make that vital first point of contact. This, in our opinion is the most important part, even if it is just to acknowledge the clients request and arrange a time to discuss further.

As well as the client receiving a call very quickly, we will also update you straight after contact.


Excellent Communication

Effective communication is at the heart of our Introducer Service and an area we feel we are exceptional at. You will always receive updates even if it is just to touch base and let you know we have left a message with the client.

If we are not successful the first time, we have a consistent policy we use. Three phone calls and finally an email follow up. You will see we also “bcc” you in a lot of emails to keep you in the loop. It is our number one aim to provide constant updates in order to develop trust and a sustainable relationship of the highest level.

Receiving Your Proc Fee Payments

When it come to receiving payments for an Introduction, we do not mess about. We understand that receiving payment in a timely fashion is a massive part of this relationship and one which overtime produces trust and a solid foundation.

A commission run is done weekly, at the close of business every Friday. Payments from your introductions will be sent to your bank account. We will be in touch following your first completion to take details of your nominated bank account.

We do:

  • Provide details of the full commission amount we have received from the lender
  • Provide a commission statement for your records
  • Pay with an “instant payment” method meaning payments should clear immediately
  • Always give a high level of quality communication
  • Are open to any questions at any time

We do not:

  • Hold on to money when it is in from the lender
  • Add on extra “charges” for administration
  • Avoid calls / communication

Repeat Payments from Landlords Introduced Who Own Multiple Investment Properties!

Receive repeat payments on all future mortgage and re-mortgages your introduced multiple Landlord places through Mortgage chain, forever.

We pay repeat payments on “Multiple Landlords” you introduce. So what does that mean ?

A multiple Landlord is a Landlord who owns more than one Buy To Let / Investment property in the UK. So if you introduce a multiple Landlord to Mortgage Chain, it means you receive the usual 40% gross proc fee, plus 10% of all future mortgages and re-mortgages that your introduced Landlord puts through Mortgage Chain, forever.

We acknowledge multiple Landlords have regular re-mortgages and may purchase future investment properties, so it is only fair you receive a share.

There is no limit on how long we will pay you on future mortgages and there is no limitations on what type of mortgage (residential, buy to let, commercial) we will pay on.  If we receive payment, so do you!


*This benefit is only available to members. To become one you need to register and select a membership option. To register CLICK HERE

Communication and updates Through the Process

Continuous updates from start to finish

As well as continuous communication once a lead is received through phone and “bcc” email updates (We copy you in to emails to your client), our system also provides automated updates through each stage of the mortgage process once a client is signed up.


These automated updates are via email, at the following stages:

  • Appointment Arranged
  • Mortgage Quote Requested
  • Mortgage Quote Sent to Client
  • Mortgage Quote Accepted by Client
  • Mortgage Agreement in Principle Requested
  • Mortgage Agreed In Principle
  • Agreement In Principle Declined
  • Full Mortgage Application Submitted
  • Further Information Requested by Lender
  • Valuation Instructed
  • Valuation In – Successful
  • Valuation In – Problem Identified (See notes)
  • Further Documents Requested by Lender
  • Case Update (See notes)
  • Mortgage Offer Issued
  • Contracts Exchanged
  • Mortgage Completion Date Set
  • Mortgage Completed
  • Mortgage Proc Received By Mortgage Chain
  • Mortgage Proc Fee Sent to Introducer Bank

*This benefit is only available to members. To become one you need to register and select a membership option. To register CLICK HERE

Book an Advisor to your office

to Book an Advisor or use the next tab below or “Book Advisor” above.


If you would like to book an Advisor to your office to see a client or even for yourself or any staff, simply request an Advisor and a suitable day and time using the online form provided. As soon as we receive your request we will be in touch to book in.

*This benefit is only available to members. To become one you need to register and select a membership option. To register CLICK HERE


*This benefit is only available to members. To become one you need to register and select a membership option. To register CLICK HERE

Trust is key

The way our service is structured, means trust is key.

Building trust is a massive part of a successful relationship, and the way we are structured, means we need to be open and honest at all times in order to deliver a reliable and trust worthy service.

Our system is highly effective and will not miss a trick. If you provide a lead which we sign up a year later, our system will know the lead was introduced by you at the outset.

Once the contact is made by the client, we will be in touch to confirm a previous lead is “live” again.

We are interested in long term sustainable relationships with our introducers, not the “quick buck”. The ball is in our court to provide updates on every occasion to gain trust. This is an area we understand and one which we have spent a lot of time and energy into developing a system to capture every lead and ensure the Introducer is always updated of new progress.


A lot of introducers we register, have come on board for various reasons highlighted below:


  • They do not get paid from Introducers
  • Payments consistently take too long
  • They are not informed of sign ups made at a later date from introduced leads
  • Unreliable
  • Communication is poor


Our Introducer programme looks to provide a solution to every possible hurdle within this type of relationship. All you need to do is trial us with one case. We promise to deliver to our word.

Do you need a Mortgage Broker in your office ?

Great, we have three great solutions for you!

Maybe you would prefer a Mortgage Broker to be “in-house” in order for you to tailor your mortgage referral process around your firms business model ?

Your membership options are:

1. Full Time Advisor – We can provide a full time mortgage advisor to your office on a full time basis. Our Advisor will have at least 3 years experience. We will pay 50% gross proc fees of all mortgage referrals that are signed up. Requirements: You must have suitable office space for an advisor to provide adequate space to conduct a professional appointment and store a filing cabinet for mortgage files.

2. Part Time Advisor – Maybe you can supply a desk for one or two days a week or this approach suits you best for different reasons. We would pay 45% proc fees for a part time advisor. We have advisors who can spend set times in your office each week to match your requirements. The Advisor will be alternated between two to three different advisors as a maximum in order to maintain continuity, and will have three years minimum experience. Requirements: The Advisor would require a desk with suitable space to see clients, but no filing system would be required.

3. Advisor on call – Maybe you prefer an off the cuff set up, where you can have an advisor in your office at short notice  as and when the business levels require it ? This is included as part of our standard package where we would pay 40% proc fees on any sign ups where an Advisor is required to come to your offices.

4. Standard Package – This is our Introducer Pro package. Maybe you just need an advisor to call the leads you send over and service them via the clients requirements, without any in house office meetings ? We can provide mortgage advice over the phone, via email, via Skype, in our offices, or home visits. We have every angle covered and will pay you 40% proc fees.

*This benefit is only available to members. To become one you need to register and select a membership option. To register CLICK HERE

Partnership Options

If your company shows a sustained level of quality referrals and commits to a referral structure that produces consistent results, then we offer a Mortgage Referral Partnership Programme.

What is our Mortgage Referral Partnership Programme ?

After a successful relationship has been developed and maintained, with results showing on both sides for a minimum of six months, it could be beneficial for your firm to become a partner.

This would involve setting up a Limited Company with joint ownership. What does this mean ?

Trading Style

We could provide you with your own trading style. This means you have your own identity and branding. For example “Your Company Name Financial Services Ltd” or “Your Company Name Mortgages Ltd”. That choice is completely yours. It would need approval but as long as the name does not raise any eyebrows,  your good to go! The next steps would be opening a bank account in the company name in where the mortgage commissions would be paid into. Your company name would be a trading style of ours, which is a normal set up within our industry.

VOIP Phones

We would link you up to our VOIP system, provide you with your own phone number in where you can easily transfer calls to other advisors within our firm, should your office based advisor be out on appointments. We also use “Call Miss Jones” who answer our calls professionally should no one be present, meaning no strain on your staff and no clients hitting voicemails.


We have an in house marketing team who design all of websites, stationary, adverts, leaflets, brochures etc who you can tap into completely free of charge as part of a partnership programme. You are of course completely free to use your own.

Frost Financial Services – The Compliance Team

We use Frost Financial Services as our compliance team. They would ensure the business is run in a compliant manor and would carry out file checks and annual inspections to ensure the set up is current and correct.

For any further questions, please email or call 01702 684 222 and speak with Alex Kerr or Azeem Khan

*This benefit is only available to members. To become one you need to register and select a membership option. To register CLICK HERE


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