Ex Pat Mortgage Broker

Ex Pat Mortgage Broker

Expatriate Mortgage Broker 

Mortgage Chain are an Independent Expat Mortgage Broker in London & Essex.

Why use a Expatriate Mortgage Broker ?

As an Independent Expat Mortgage Broker we have access to every Expat Mortgage Lenders.

We secure Expat mortgages on Residential, Buy to Let and Commercial property in the UK.

Lending is possible up to 90% loan to value for residential purposes and up to 80% for Buy to Let mortgages.

Mortgage Chain have built strong relationships with Private Banks, High Street Banks, Building Societies and Broker only lenders who will all lend to British expatriates that want to obtain a mortgage a property in the United Kingdom.

If you are looking to purchase a buy to let  property in the UK, or remortgage an existing property, Mortgage Chain can assist. Repayment options of Interest only or capital and interest are available and income from both employed and self-employed sources are considered with no minimum or maximum purchase prices.[/vc_column_text]

Mortgage Chain are experts at finding mortgages for expatriates. What ever your requirements we can find solutions. We are a:

Mortgage Chain compare hundreds of mortgages from the UK’s largest panel of expat lenders to ensure sure you get the very expat deal on your mortgage or remortgage, as well as having unique relationships with expat lenders who offer Mortgage Chain “broker only” deals meaning you can not access these specialist products direct.

A lot of expat mortgage lenders will require specific criteria to be met, such as having a UK profile within the last 5 years, or paying some type of UK tax within recent years.However if this is not the case and you have had no UK activity for longer than five years, we have lenders who understand this situation and are happy to help. See below some of the issues we can overcome and click the + sign to reveal more information.

No UK Tax profile in the last 5 years ?

If you have not paid any sort of UK tax within the last five years, which is criteria a lot of expat lenders require, do not worry, we have lenders who can help.

Not paid in sterling ?

Maybe you work overseas with some sort of contract and are paid in a currency other than sterling. The majority of lenders require expat’s to be paid in sterling. However we have lenders who provide specialist products to overcome this hurdle.

No UK bank account ?

Are you in a situation where you closed your UK bank accounts down years ago, not thinking about future property plans ? If so we have some lenders we work with who will not require any UK bank account in order to help you obtain a mortgage within the UK.

NO UK address ?

Maybe you have moved out and no longer have any links to a UK address or you no longer have post sent to a family members address. Again we work with lenders who can help. As long as you have lived in the UK in the past, a profile can be obtained from one of your previous addresses.

Property price below 50k ?

If you are looking to by a property or remortgage on a property price below 50k, we can assist. We have lenders who provide products for property values lower than 50k. these property prices can often occur in Wales and Scotland.

All of the above ?

If you do not meet any of the above mentioned requirements a lot of expat lenders ask for, then no need to worry. We provide options for expats in this position who have been abroad for a long time and now seek to purchase or remortgage a UK property.

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